A little peek at what I’ve been working on lately 👀

A little peek at what I’ve been working on lately 👀

Lately I’ve been very inspired by this colour palette with lavender purple, sage green, and warm orangey yellow (I can’t seem to get away from this shade of orange/yellow; not that I’m trying to!).

Messy sketch of thank you sticker concept

These colours are so soft and springy & are exactly what I feel like I need right now.

I used this palette to make my new daisy checkerboard postcard design that will be included in all of my online orders (once I use up the rest of my last batch!)

A postcard design with pastel coloured checkered background and daisies on every opposite square

I also used it for these thank you stickers that will decorate the envelopes/mailers.

Purple and yellow thank you sticker with bell shaped flowers

I've been trying lately to just follow my inspiration when it comes to colour; it's so tempting to try and make sure all my colours are consistent so that my Instagram feed can look pretty and cohesive—but it's very restricting and keeps me from being able to try new things. 

This wave of colour inspiration all started with this mug! 

I spotted it at Homesense a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely needed to have it. It was one of those purchases that I without a doubt did not need to make (we already have more mugs than we know what to do with) but I have zero regrets about because it brings me so much joy every time I use it.  

Thanks for reading my first blog post! ✨ 

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