1. How much is shipping? 

Within Canada: FREE if you spend over $25 CAD, otherwise $2 CAD

To the United States: FREE if you spend over $50 CAD, otherwise $5 CAD

Anywhere else internationally: FREE if you spend over $50 CAD, otherwise $8 CAD

2. My order hasn't arrived, what should I do? 

If you are within Canada, please allow at least 3 weeks after the date you placed your order to reach out to me and at least 6 weeks if you are anywhere else internationally; shipping delays are very normal in these strange times.

If you haven't received your order after 2 months from your order date, I will either a) send a replacement or b) give you a full refund. 

3. Will I have to pay any extra customs taxes on my order when it arrives?

You may, depending on where you live. It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of the import rules in your country and to pay the extra taxes if necessary. 

4. Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Sorry, as a small, one-person business I am unable to accept returns. However, please reach out to me if your order has been damaged or hasn't arrived in the expected time frame (see #2 above). 

5. Will my shipment have a tracking number?

At this time, all of my products are sent by untracked letter mail. Please reach out to me (see the "Contact Me" page above) if you would like to arrange to have a tracking number put on your order and we can arrange that. 

6. You know that "Fun Gal" just looks like "Fungal," right? 

I sure do and you're never going to forget it 😌